Spiral Helical Cutterhead for Makita 1002BA 4-3/8" Curved Planer

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The Makita 1002BA Curved Base Planer is the ultimate tool for effortlessly creating arches and arcs in timbers while perfecting scarfs in logs.Its unparalleled performance is frequently relied upon to achieve that authentic hand-hewn look in both timbers and logs. However,a there are barks, knots, stones or or unexpected obstacles like bullets in the logs, the straight blades on the cutterheads often become dull, get broken edges quickly.The process of sharpening and setting up the blades is consistently time-consuming, a task that is despised by woodworkers the most.


Sheartak has ingeniously crafted a helical cutterhead specifically designed for retrofitting this planer.This game-changing upgrade comes equipped with 18 carbide knives, each boasting four sharp edges, providing an astounding forty to fifty times the blade life of standard high-speed steel blades. The inserts can be effortlessly installed in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days of time-consuming blade sharpening and tedious setup procedures


The kit comes complete with all the necessary carbide inserts, spacers, and bearings, pre-installed and ready to replace the original setup with ease.


Upgrade your woodworking game today by installing Sheartak spiral cutterhead on your Makita 1002BA. Discover the enhanced efficiency and precision that this revolutionary tool brings to all your projects.


 Spiral Cutterhead Kit includes:

* High tensile strength alloy steel cutter block.

* 18 carbide inserts installed.

* 5 extra carbide inserts & 5 extra screws free as spare parts.

* Two premium bearings

* Two spacers. 

* 1 Wrench



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