Jim Armstrong, USA

Over the weekend I installed the cutter head I received from you for my shop fox 20" planer. To say that I am impressed would be an understatement. As my budget allows I will be doing my jointer and some cutter heads for my shaper. I will getting the information on my WEN 930 over to you in the next day or two. 

Mario Davis, USA

Your spiral head works wonderfully. It cuts with almost no resistance and provides glass smooth surfacing. Once I got it installed my simple $400 jointer now performs like a very high end one that would cost two or three times that price. The quality of the Sheartak spiral heads is exceptional.

Helmut Bartens, South Africa

I want to thank you for the efficient way in which the order was handled. The spiral cutter arrived here in Somerset West near Cape Town South Africa middle December. Machine Felder AD741 410mm Thicknesser Planer. Installing it took a few days. After setting the machine up came the moment to try it. What a fantastic result. Noise at a fraction and cutting performance excellent. With the grain or against the grain the result was outstanding. I can only recommend the cutter head. It is really a worthwhile investment.

William Keen, USA

Shipping was great. Received my order today & installed on my Dewalt 735 planer. quality & tolerances are excellent. Installation took a few hours but went smoothly. My only wish would be that the supplied Torx wrench was magnetic, but that's just me. I'm 85 years old, have arthritis in my hands & am in recovery from a stroke so If I can do the install anyone should be capable. I took my time installing the knives, snugging each then torquing to 48 pound inch before moving on to the next so as not to miss any. When finished I ran a piece of 1/4 inch thick hard Maple through, thinking if it handled thin material well it could handle thick material with ease. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! I didn't think it would be this good. The cut was as smooth as if it was sanded with 350 grit and I didn't need ear protection in this instance as the noise was as quiet as my bandsaw.
I have zero regrets for making my purchase and I would recommend SHEARTAK to anyone wanting to upgrade their planer.
Thank you SHEARTAK

Ross Reld
Hey Mike I am just touching base with you again. you told me I would get allot more service out of the spiral cutter head than the traditional straight knifes. Sir you did not lie 1 bit. I have had my sheartak cutter now for almost 2 years and I just turned my cutters to the third side, and I do allot of planning, I am super pleased with my purchase, thank you again

Peter *ichaud

After using the two spiral cutters extensively over the past month or so, I can say I am completely satisfied with their performance. Installation of both cutters was straight forward without any tweaking or modifications required to the machines. The cutter on the Woodmaster planer cuts a beautiful surface that needs no sanding. It is much quieter than the straight blades. I used a sound meter to record about 12 db’s difference in the sound level. Tear out on burls and knots is almost non-existent. The finished surface that the cutter produces is very flat. From the sound of the machine when cutting a full-width board, it does not appear to be working as hard to make the cut with the Sheartak cutter.

I can say all of the same praises as above for the Sheartak spiral cutter on the Jointer. It also produces a very smooth surface. It is quieter but I can’t say by how much since I didn’t measure the sound levels before and after installing the new cutter. Again, almost no tear out and it is easier on the motor.

 All in all, I am very pleased with the cutters. 

Mark *aban

Block fitted, not an easy job and took about 4 hours but it did fit perfectly. The block was made to the exact same measurements as the original.

On switching the machine on there was a remarkable reduction in noise which is great. I passed a 250mm wide piece of Iroko through the thicknesser and the finish is absolutely perfect. When I was running the standard block I needed to wear ear protection, with the spiral head we were able to talk whilst planing the iroko, un-believable. Instead of a high pitched screaming noise whilst planing it is more of a buzzing sound which is much kinder on the ears and the neighbours.

In the near future I will be converting both my Makita 1806B and KP312.

I would certainly suggest that anyone running a straight bladed head should look at changing to a spiral.

Many thanks for your exemplary service and it was a please doing business with you, I will definitely be back for more blocks. I have also given your details to my local machinery dealer to give to customers buying used machines.

Tore *øgedal

I have installed this cutterhead in my Record Power PT260. The Record PT260 is identical to Clas Ohlson PT260. I followed installation video linked from Sheartaks product page. Great video, but I didn’t dissemble the entire planer as showed in the video.Installation time is app one hour. The new head must be raised a bit to get correct height against outfeed table. Do this during installation. Installation of the new head had NO issues. Results: Great improvements in cutting finish. Less vibrations in planer Less noise during running and cutting. Thanks for great support during ordering and thanks for a fantastic upgrade of my planer

Joseph *chulte

We dress one of the hardest and densest Timbers in the world, Ironbark (Euc Crebra) and it just flies thru whisper quiet.By far the best cutter we’ve ever had in that machine (SCMI 2041FS).

Bob *iller

As expected, the first thing realized is the sound difference. The new Sheartak is much quieter. I spent the rest of the day planing 25 year old walnut boards that had been aging in my garage attic. The finish on these boards is also benefit in that it there are nearly zero tear-outs in areas where there is swirling grain. One pleasant added benefit is that the Sheartak cutter head reduces the load on my planer's motor. The motor runs cooler than when using the conventional head. So I didn't have to take breaks to allow the motor to cool down, making me more productive. I can’t account for the improved vacuuming experience others have noted since I don’t use one. But I can say the the volume of sawdust collected is equal to what I was producing before. All-in-all, I am, so far, very pleased with my purchase and the results. Thank you for your assistance in answering my questions and getting my purchase delivered.  

Steve *heeler

No surprises with installation. A little grinding on planer body with die grinder. Wrapped head with masking tape for install.\r\nObvious improvement right away! Planer is much quieter.\r\nHave run thousands of lin. feet through so far. Shavings are smaller so better dust collection. Finish is far superior to OEM knives, don’t have to pay attention to grain direction so much. Our main species are Red & White Oak, Beech, Walnut & VG Fir, No figured grains yet. Overall we are thrilled with the performance of this upgrade. Should have done it years ago! Will never go back to straight knives.

 Jeremy *astien

I’m very happy with my new cutterhead for my kc-385fx planer. The cutterhead is high quality. The service at sheartak was great. Quick response to my emails when I had questions. Once installed (3 hours)… I ran some cherry, black walnut , soft maple and pine just to see the finish. It was great. No tear out at all… great finish. Now I’m just in the process of building a table out of elm.

 I ran 9’ x14-1/2” elm boards. Again zero tear out, didn’t matter grain direction. 

Connor *trader

I ordered a helical cutterhead for a dw735 through Sheartak. The machining on the cutterhead was great, it came with spare cutters, and installation was simple. Comparisons to the factory straight knife head show far cleaner planing with no tearout even in woods I would have previously had to scrape in the past. I am able to sand right at 220 off the planer without any issues. The tiny chips made by this cutter also make dust collection much better and easier. One of the first jobs for this planer was shaving about 120 linear feet of poplar down about 1/4", creating a phenomenal volume of shavings. Even as I ran through many boards at a time, filling the horizontal volume of my planer, it never missed a beat. I would recommend the Sheartak cutterhead for the dw735 as an economical and effective alternative to others on the market.

Arnold *oster

The jointer works fabulous with the new cutterhead. I am part of a forum here in the Netherlands and made a topic about the new cutterhead. Lots of people are stoked on it. Great product with great service assistant. 

Guy *aniel

Manufacture of very high precision such as the plan that I sent to you. (They send us a general drawing that we have to complete by adding our own dimensions). No surprises. Installation done in a jiffy. You hesitate, it seems expensive to you, believe me, a spiral cutting head is truly incomparable has a 3-knife cutting head. The noise produced by the planer is greatly reduced and the cut is very smooth, reducing sanding to a minimum. Don't wait any longer to update your old planer, you won't regret it. I have already replaced the cutting head of my old Delta 37-220 jointer (40 years old). It's like 2 new machines. Thank you Mike and Lucy. You did a great job to put people at ease.

Garry *icholas

Replaced the cutter head on my 30 year old CT-508 20 inch and cannot believe the difference! Absolutely no tear out even with highly figured boards. I would recommend replacing both bearings and the seal as the larger bearing is press fit and will likely be destroyed when removed. There are great YouTubes that will walk you through the changeover process.


Very fast delivery to Germany, great communication with Lucy, a very good planing result, the shaft is really quiet! I am absolutely satisfied with the purchase. 

Michael *euthner

Spiral  cutter heads for thickness planer are so much better than straight knifes! Seeing is believing.

The sheartak one for the Metabo DH 330 arrived in Germany after 10 days with Canada Post.

When the cutter head arrived it was nicely packaged and  perfectly finished and it came with all accessories needed (bushings etc).

It took me quite a while to disasemble, reassemble and calibrate my lunch box style thicknesser  but it  turned a decent tool in (at least for me)  a perfect one. Yes the upgrade is expensive, especially for european customers but this is the only solution to get a planer with real helical cutter head with such a small foot print.

The sheartak customer service was great. I had some questions and they replied instantly.

Cool product. Cool company

 Rudolf *uidema, South Africa

What a pleasure to deal with Mike and Lucy. Bought a spiral cutter head for my Hammer A3-41 with bearings and spare inserts. Brilliantly packaged for it’s journey to the southern tip of Africa it arrived as promised, fitted into the machine with factory tolerances and the results are brilliant! Couldn’t be happier! Will definitely look at purchasing from them again.

Klaus *eyer

After installing the cutterhead and using it for jointing hardwoods for a few days, I'm impressed with the precise fit of the spindle and the superior quality of the cut.  Concerns about a lower quality ball bearing were quickly negated after discovering that the spindle came with a high quality bearing set.  

Being in this business for 50+ years, I never experienced such a responsive service and timely delivery under very difficult shipping conditions.  

For the way you run your business, you earned my respect. 

When sharing my experience with a friend, he decided to order also a new spindle.  It actually could be identical to mine. 

 A five star rating for Service, Product Quality and Execution is justified.  

TAdam *pees

The new Woodmaster 18"  & DJ-20 heads arrived yesterday. installed the Woodmaster head(takes only 5 minutes). It works great. The tapered shafts went in easily, and tightened properly.

I decided to run some 2x4 cutoffs for my first test pieces. If I were you, that's what I would recommend to people. It's soft pine and full of hard knots. The grain direction switches back and forth. It is the perfect piece of cheap terrible milling wood to test a planer.

The results were very good. The knots cut cleanly, no chipping with grain direction. Scalloping was reasonable. The Woodmaster has a variable 0-32 ft/min feed motor. So I can slow it down a little bit to get a better cut. The cool thing is the amount of material removed doesn't seem to make a difference, which is really great. Meaning at a slow feed rate I can take 1/32 or 1/8 off in one pass with no difference in cut quality. I wasn't expecting that. As expected the head drops the noise level massively. No cut lines, so the teeth are all machined/installed properly.

 Jack *ellwig

Best cutter head’s on the market, Best customer service, And Best prices around. I bought a cutter head from Sheartak and WOW is the first word that comes to mind, It was a total game changer for my shop. It was easy to install and man are the blades sharp, It has cut through all the different kinds of wood I’ve thrown at it like butter. I’m telling you guys and gals I was so happy with the cutter head that within a week I ordered another for my planer. The folks over at Sheartak are the best. They make sure you get your package as fast as possible and when you do get it, you see that it’s in a box with plywood backing and packed safe so there’s no damage at all. I can’t say enough good things about this company they really take care of their customers. If you want the best cutter heads on the market buy Sheartak. Special shout out to Lucy at Sheartak who made my buying experience personal and who made me feel like part of the Sheartak family. Thanks guys keep up the awesome work. Cheers - Jack


John *acobs,  USA

AMAZING !! This cutter head is amazing, it cuts like a hot knife through butter. And this company is even better, they answered my questions fast and the cutter got delivered early. It was packaged safe and secure with 3/4 plywood, I got extra knives, a tool, and a flash drive with instructions. I don’t usually write reviews but I’m so happy with this cutter head and the price and the service definitely buy from these guys you won't be disappointed.

Dave *eogh, Australia

The new cutter turned up yesterday and I fitted it this afternoon. Mate, what a great bit of kit. Quiet, smooth and cuts like a dream…hardwood is the new softwood. 

The Rex is like a new machine and good for another 23 years.

 Dan *rime, USA

Mike Xu went over and above what I could ever expect from anyone to design and build a custom cutter head for my FS 30 jointer/planer combo machine. Mike helped guide me through the process of taking measurements of my existing cutterhead, and the new cutterhead arrived within 4 weeks after I placed my order. All I can say is that this cutterhead is awesome. It leaves a glass like finish on everything I run through it. If your machine still has the old style of long planer knives, you need to get one of these Sheartak cutterheads. When you do, you'll wish you had done it sooner.

Robert *ell, Canada

Cutter head works good. Thank you for all your help in getting me what I needed. Your patience was greatly appreciated and I will recommend you to everyone who needs a cutter.

 Steve *ilson, Canada

The customer service provided by Mike was exceptional.  He quickly and fully answered my numerous questions.  The cutter heads for my General jointer and Delta planer came complete including correctly installed bearings, permitting ease of installation.  The quality of the cut was a pleasure to see, eg. no tear out in birdseye maple.  I would not hesitate to recommend Sheartak for its customer service and products.

Sean *urphy, Canada

I think the spiral cutterhead might be one of the best purchases I've made for my workshop. It cuts down on sanding time significantly and tears out much less with difficult figured grain and hardwoods. The only thing I noticed with it is it is significantly heavier than the head I pulled out of the machine. It runs much quieter but I'm not sure of the long term effects on the motor. Overall it's been 10/10. I'm very pleased with it. It's balanced well and cuts efficiently.

 Tyler *ambury, Australia

I’ve had the head in my machine now for a couple of weeks. It’s fantastic and I’m very happy.

Frank *ereira, Canada

My planer is up and running and I am so far very impressed by your cutterhead. I’ll definitely be picking up more for my other machines in the near future. Thanks

 Gary Sharp, *harleston, SC, USA

I installed it on my Grizzly G0453 in about 3 hours. Shipping was fast, packaging was exceptional, all went well. I tested it on some oak. The head is so much quieter than my old straight head cutter. The cut is amazing. No one else had a helical cutter available. Thank you so much. 

 Akiva Weil, *evada, USA

A great product, they were able to get it out two months before their competitor. I don't see any reason to spend several hundred dollars more for the same metal tube.

Mike, a customer support agent, spent several hours worth of his time helping me install the cutter head on a unique planer. I ordered a new head for my jointer and am glad to know they will be there if I need assistance.

An all-around great company.A great product, they were able to get it out two months before their competitor. I don't see any reason to spend several hundred dollars more for the same metal tube.

Mike, a customer support agent, spent several hours worth of his time helping me install the cutter head on a unique planer. I ordered a new head for my jointer and am glad to know they will be there if I need assistance.

An all-around great company.

 Ian B, Canada

I was having trouble finding a spiral head for my Sicar. I sent it to Mike with very little available information. He was able to reproduce the cutter head with a perfect fit, and beautiful workmanship.

 Gary Fish *edenbacher, U.S.A

I purchased a spiral cutterhead for the planer portion of my Hitachi F1000a planer/jointer.  The difference between HSS and the spiral carbide cutterhead is really something.  Very smooth results on even highly figured walnut.  The F1000a has always been a noisy machine, but there is a noticeable drop in volume using the spiral cutterhead.  That was a nice little bonus.  I liked the results so much I asked Mike with Sheartak if he could make a cutterhead for the jointer portion of my machine…and he agreed!  I can’t wait to get that cutterhead on to complete my machine.  I’m also looking forward to not having to sharpen blades all the time!  If you do much woodworking, you really can’t beat this upgrade.

 Albert *mantea, U.S.A.

Received the new head yesterday, installed it today, and very happy to say that it cuts fast, quiet as a mouse, and clean as a hot knife through butter. It only took about 20 minutes to install it and was very simple to do. Thank you so very much!

 Ed / Cabine*ico U.S.A.

Very precise, a perfect balance, very little installation time, very grateful to Sheartak, excellent communication with Mike, highly recommending this impeccably finished product.

 Marty, Canada

Very good team and fast response from Sheartak, I  ordered the spiral head for an old busy bee b706, and wow what a big difference, very easy to install, had the new head installed within an hour and tested the unit with no issues, no more dialing in new knives and way better finish and a lot quieter. Thanks for your help.

 Justin *alker, Canada

Received the unit in 3 days. Smooth finish and super quiet compared to stock head. Worth the cost to upgrade your old planer or jointer 

 Dave *cDougall, Canada

I have installed the new cutter head and I am very happy with the performance. The overall machine is quieter as is the cutting. The product is smooth and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for everything.

 Peter *mith, Canada

Excellent product and a perfect fit.   The difference in cutting performance is amazing.   

You will need the new bearings offered as an add on option since it is difficult to remove the existing ones from the old shaft.

 Gustav *abor, Canada

The cut quality is really, really good! Very smooth, well balanced, and quiet.

It's very hard to see (lousy picture), but absolutely no tear out on this piece of maple with some very nice curl on it.


 David *yde, Canada

The cutter upgrade made a great machine even better and surprisingly easy to install if you don't remove all the stuff shown in the video on the jointer side. The only things from that side of the machine that need to be removed are the belt and belt guard. The old shaft should be removed fully assembled and the new shaft installed fully assembled.  I should have installed it long ago I see now, just finished a ton of maple work that started with lots of rough bandsaw cut wood, the new cutter would have saved me a ton of sanding. The quality of the cutter is very good. This is a great upgrade I would recommend to any F1000a owner. 

 Sirichai Suriyawong, Thailand

Great upgrade! I am very happy with the results of the new cutterhead. It is easy to jointer hardwood.

 Patrick *cCall,  USA

My 1285 is a little older so I had to screw around a lot to get it fitted.  The videos on youtube how to do this are for a younger model than I have so been sure you know what you are getting into.   The cutter head is 1/16"-3/32"  bigger than the OEM part on my jointer.  

So I had to grind some of the table fingers down a bit to get it in amongst other things...  The outfeed table had to be raised up beyond the max height of the parallelogram movement which basically meant pulling the jointer apart.  the teeth on this were almost scraping the table fingers which would be bad if they hit.  The bearing housings are on the inside, not the outside like the current model.  So after some grinding and a few trips to the local machine shop... It's all good and works AMAZINGLY WELL.

This cutter is well worth the effort.  It's SO QUIET, the old blades were so loud now you can't even hear it over the dust collector and every cut is glass smooth.  If you are on the fence, buy it!

 Andy, Canada

Great build quality, no chip out and a great surface finish on the wood.  Wish I would have upgraded years ago. 

 Cal *ing, Canada

The quality of Cutterhead (for Woodmaster) is great.  Installation should be done with gloves (found out the hard way), as knives are sharp.  Mike is knowledgeable, courteous and easy to deal with.  5 stars from us.

 Stephen *ilson, Canada

Ran my jointer tests on hard maple and the quality of cut was exceptional regardless of grain direction.  

 STEVE *ODE, Canada

 I ordered a spiral head for my 30 year old King Canada 203C jointer.  The unit arrived in about 10 days, well packaged and ready to install.  I ordered new bearings and these came installed, which was very helpful.  The machining and workmanship look great.  This is a high quality cutterhead!  Installation was easy, except that you will probably need a gear puller to remove the pulley from the shaft of the old cutterhead.  The spiral head transformed the jointer.  It is now so quiet that you can't hear it run when my dust collector is on.  I've been testing highly figured woods, such as curly maple and QS white oak.  No tear-out.  I am pleased with Sheartak and I recommend this upgrade.

 Marcial *niwe, Canada

I just installed mine spiral cutter heaf for Mastercraft 15A planer and I'm so much satisfied with the result.I recommend this product it just took 1 week for the shipping.

John *mith, USA

Excellent company to deal with. Byrd Shelix is on backorder for months. I called Sheartak and told them I needed a new head for my dw735 by Thurs. The 25th of Feb. and that was on the 12th. They had it shipped to Florida by the 24th. Very knowledgeable and friendly and I was confident in their product.

Viktor *unai, Canada

Great cutter head fits like a glove. Thanks sheartak.

 James *ortimer, Canada

I added a Sheartak spiral cutterhead to my Delta DJ20 jointer and I am very happy with the results. After using it for a while I found I appreciated the quality of cut, ease of resetting knives, smooth operation, and reduced sound so much that I decided to look into updating my General 130 planer as well. Mike did not have one but offered to work with me to design one for the General 130. He walked me through measuring my existing cutterhead and greatly eased the process and lessened any anxiety on my part. He even extended the snout on the pulley end by 0.5" for me to ease getting the drive belts past the base so that they don't rub there.  My machine was down for a while but it was worth it in the end. The installation was flawless and I encountered no issues. Now my General 130 has been updated with a shiny new Sheartak spiral cutterhead and I am as happy with the results as I am with the one in my DJ20. Thanks Mike for everything!

Jean-roch *ortin, Canada

Excellent cutterhead! shipping took 10 days to Quebec. Cutters leave a nice, flat finish with no tearout even on though grain. Install took about an hour. I ordered it with the bearings and they came already pressed on. Will not hesitate to order a head for my planer when I'm ready to make the switch. Top notch quality!

Lymond *ardy, Canada

I purchased this cutterhead to rebuild my delta planer instead of buying a new machine. Mike gave me excellent customer support and I was able to install the cutterhead with new bearings with zero issues.  The machine runs quieter and smoother, combined with the extensive cleaning and tune up it is a very different machine.  The sheartak cutterhead performs flawlessly, resulting in a superb finish. I will be a repeat customer for sure. cheers

 J. Reed *ozer, Canada

Got the cutterhead yesterday and got it installed today.  Works like a charm!  Love the finish it leaves.  Extremely happy with it.  I now essentially have a new jointer.

 Ron *obertson, USA

Hello, I received the cutter head for the Hitachi planner and I have it installed. It works exceptionally well! Very quiet and smooth cutting. I like it.

 Ian *acIver, Canada

Received the unit yesterday and installed it last night. The only issue I had was removing the pulley off the old head. Eventually, I was able to get it off and get the new head installed. I ran a couple of pieces of hard maple through with zero tear-out and a glass smooth finish. Based on those 2 pieces of maple I am extremely impressed with the finish quality. An added bonus is my dust collector will not get clogged with the smaller chips. 

 Stephen *hompson, Canada

Thank you very much, Mike the new cutter head fit like a glove!  So did the 5/8” shaft with my pulley. You guys did a great job.  First rate!

 John *zalay Canada

I ordered a replacement cutter for a 1940's Jos Poitras & Sons 8" jointer that I was rebuilding. Mike and the team at Sheartak helped me confirm the sizes on the current tool and advised on critical bearing sizes. When the new head was completed there was an error on one dimension but they took it back in and corrected it quickly. Since this was a custom job and not from stock I expected issues. Once corrected the new head installed easily and now that I have been using it for a few weeks I am impressed with the quality of the cut and surface finish. I have been going through some difficult ash that has come out with a nice surface finish and no tear-out. Looking forward to many more years of use out of the upgraded jointer cutter. 

 Phillip *ray, United Kingdom

I would lik* to write a review about the jet cutterhead you supplied which has now been in use for a few months. It was simple to install with no adjustments needed and perfectly balanced. Cuts perfectly and is so much quieter than the original jet head. The quality of finish on planned timber is exceptional and like glass, with very minimal sanding required if it all

Thanks so much for your support and getting this shipped to me at the start of the pandemic.

 D.E.*arrell, USA

The two items that I purchased do an outstanding job on all wood that I have worked with and found them to be superior to anything else I have tried  !!!!!!!!!


Dieter M. *aschke, Austria

A short report on the installation of the following cutter heads

6" jointer Delta 37-190

8" Jointer Delta DW 37-350

15" Thickness Planer Delta DC-380

a) the tolerances for the roller bearings axles were very good: The axle shaft has to have a moderately tight fit on the inner bearing ring - as is the case

b) the rounding radius between the axle shaft and the shear head is as it has to be: the transition radius has to be smaller than the radius on the bearing to assure the proper fit.

c) the machining of the axle shafts is smooth -looks like precision grinding but I am not sure if that was done.

e) the 15" cutter had has a claw-coupling which requires high precision milling: the fit with the existing drive pulley was perfect: absolutely no "side-play"

f) the cutterheads are perfectly balanced and run free of vibrations and with markedly less noise.

It took me about ca 12 h to exchange all three (leisurely work pace and it includes pulling the bearings from the "old" cutter heads because the bearings had about 400 operating hours and therefore are still in perfect condition.

The receiving table of the jointers needed minor height adjustment- as was to be expected. The planning now is a different world and very hard wood (acacia) is absolutely no problem: it hardly needs finishing sanding!!


The Torx wrenches which are included, are of good quality and I keep them: Usually I throw away immediately the tools which come along with a purchase because of insufficient quality!

Summary and bottom line:

Perfect workmanship, highly recommendable!

 Have a good week and a very successful 2021:

 Kyle Van *avel, Canada

I recently ordered spiral cutter heads for my Dewalt 735x and my 8" king jointer. Mike at Sheartak was very helpful on the phone when answering my technical questions.
I received shipment confirmation within an hour of placing my order and received the cutters 3 days later.
On both machines, the cutter head swap was straightforward especially with all the online videos to describe the process.
Cut quality is amazing and I am so happy to not have any nicks like would normally happen on steel knives right away.
In addition to the cut quality, I have also noticed a significant reduction in noise and also a different pitch of sound all together especially on the Dewalt 735.
I would certainly recommend these cutters!

Martin *anguay, Canada

I have only one word: IMPRESSIVE! It works even better than I thought!

 Jason *awkyard United Kingdom

Fantastic investment!!

I purchased this cutterhead for a brand new DW733 in the UK. Mike gave great advice and advised to get the OEM version. After much research on YouTube, this was confirmed as the thinner heads, give you roller problems, so the best option is the OEM size where you have to fit the knives in situ. It was dispatched the same day and delivered within 10 days, only taking a couple of hours to fit. It gives a quality finish with very little sanding required and no rippling on the wood surface. As a carpenter and mainly a Festool man, this definitely met, if not exceeded, my expectations.

I highly recommend purchasing this from Sheartak and will definitely use them again!! Considerably cheaper than the opposition in the US and customer service is second to none!

 Bruce *yder, Canada

I ran some curly maple through it, and it works perfectly, so I'm super happy with it!

Thanks kindly Mike- great product and service!

 Daniel *ussier, Canada

very impressive, work nicely, forgot how it can cut so smoothly, also much easier to install than expected, you can find a video on youtube, very good communication by email with sheartak, recommend.  also purchased a spiral cutter head for my craftex jointer, works great too.

 Ward *offey, USA

I’ve been really happy with this cutter head, it’s tears foam very little at speed, the cuts are even & true, deals with wood stringers well. It also cuts EPS foam well too!

 James *ortimer, Canada

The one I installed in my jointer is fantastic, the cut is such a big improvement over the straight knives, and no more fussing with setting knives. It has been a pleasure working with you!

 Wilfred *eber, Canada

I just finished converting my planer to the new cutterhead. Everything fits perfectly. The planer runs much more  quietly

and the finish on planed surfaces is perfect. No more tear-outs. I should have done this years ago.

Thank you and have a great weekend

  John *ogtCanada

I was unfamiliar with Sheartak previously. and apprehensive about committing to the expense of a spiral cutterhead with an unknown (to me) company. However, Sheartak was the only company I could find with a cutter head to fit my jointer. The cutterhead arrived quickly and is a perfect fit. I just jointed my first board. The smooth results were beyond expectations! My thanks for the great service and great product.

 Jack *arnes, United Kingdom

 Once I had given my dimensions it went into production and within a month it had arrived at my door.

The finish quality of the block was beautiful. All dimensions accurate to my measurements and was very pleased with how easily it fitted into my machine.

Using it for the first time there was a huge reduction in noise level and the sound was a more pleasant low tone rather than the high pitch drone from the old block.

I tested it out on some Iroko which is notorious for tear out and this block planned it absolutely perfectly, even when I changed the wood direction knowing that the old block would tear it but this spiral block didn't.

I would definitely recommend others to get their cutter blocks from Sheartak as their service was fantastic, they were knowledgeable very helpful to make sure that the block was exactly what I was after. A high-quality product and a great company.  

 Gerald *unsucker, USA

Fantastic Seller Fantastic Quality Product Great Bargain Would buy again

 Jeff *enson, United Kingdom

Great product quality and functionality, the cutter sliced through curly grain English oak no problem. The cut quality is far superior to the standard Makita cutter block and the finish is excellent, in fact, very little sanding was required to get a quality finish. A small jewelry file was used to remove a burr on the keyway to enable the key to fit correctly but other than that it fitted okay.

 William *lexander, Canada

Recently purchased this head, easy install!   Used it to laminate birch panels and the results were amazing.  Performed exactly as advertised, very pleased!

 Rene at *ir Impressions Canada

Spiral Cutterhead for WOODMASTER 18” Planer with 120 Carbide knives

Good service and great quality products. I have installed it on my Woodmaster machine and it runs smoothly with less noise.

 Thomas P *ligh United Kingdom

I am planing a lot of Macrocarpa or Monterey Cyprus. It is from a large tree we had to fell about 18 years ago, and I had planked. It is lovely wood but very cross-grained and therefore hard to plane with a standard cutter head. I am pleased to tell you that your spiral head cutter planes it beautifully. I am so pleased with it.

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